Though team owners Reynolds and McElhenny have high aspirations for the FUT 23 Coins  team, previously mentioning hopes to get into the Premier League in the distant future, the team has yet to become a force to be reckoned with. Despite being in the National League, a league typically unrepresented in FIFA titles, the team's fame has earned them a spot in the long-running sports franchise.

Where to find Wrexham AFC in FIFA 23 Though Wrexham AFC is playable in FIFA 23, the team is not prominently displayed, and fans will need to do some searching to find the club. Since the National League is not included in FIFA 23, players hoping to play as the Welsh team will need to go to the \"Rest of World\" region. Once under this category, players should be able to find Wrexham AFC.

Wrexham is currently in the Vanarama National League, where the storied franchise has remained for the past 17 seasons. The only way to escape this league is to finish at the top of the standings, though this is certainly easier said than done since the league boasts 24 total teams. If Wrexham is able to achieve promotion before the next FIFA game, the club will simultaneously be promoted from the \"Rest of World\" region.

Wrexham AFC was famously thrust into the soccer spotlight in November 2020 when FIFA 23 Coins buy actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny purchased the Welsh club. Along with the production of the club8217;s accompanying documentary, Welcome to Wrexham, the small-town club has gained significant attention.