Isaiah Simmons is undoubtably the user defender in Madden history. You create an offer that can't be denied, when a player like this becomes available. Just like with Henry Ruggs, if everything you knew was that you might get a 6'4″ 233 pound rookie that has 93 rate and celebrity development trait, that player could be a 50 total but he would still be worth multiple initial round picks. Isaiah Simmons is rated much greater than a 50 and comes in at 78
Mut 23 coins. He has solid ratings for every characteristic that matters. He can play the run or the pass and is truly among the most versatile defenders in the Madden NFL 23 game.

Isaiah Simmons is the top rookie on defense you will want to go after. While the top 2 men are definitely the rookies for Madden, there are still lots of others that could become elite players with appropriate progression. One of these men is C.J. Henderson. Finding a 21 year old cornerback that's great size and 93 speed ought to be a priority. Even though he comes in using a 76 total rating that he will probably be a 90 shutdown cornerback with top end speed. For the next 10+ seasons of your franchise you won't need to worry about one side of the field.

Chase Young will probably be one of the men that are hardest to trade for and is a obvious pick here. The #2 overall pick is the best rated rookie in Madden NFL 23 with an 80 total. He's got the size, strength, and X-Factor development attribute that will likely make him untouchable. That having been said madden 23 coins buy, it does not hurt to put a feeler to whoever has him on your franchise and see whether you can lure him. If you are proficient at developing players however, Chase Young may not be well worth the price that you'd have to pay to get him.

Today we are getting into the sleepers of this rookie class. The guys you might have a shot without giving up too much of getting. The real reason he will be wanted by you is that he as 93 speed, 93 leap, 75 hit electricity, and is a perfect developmental player. Within 2-3 years you're able to progress him into a star free security that flies all over the field. He should be relatively cheap to get!