There are still plenty of indie successes, possibly more so, with the advent of big studios taking note of their value. However, the history of RuneScape is one of trials and errors, which is something rarely afforded to any dev now OSRS Gold.Few games have had the long-term success of RuneScape. Even with the most recent version, RuneScape 3, having the fancy graphics of an up-to-date MMO thousands of players have stuck with the 2000s version, Old School RuneScape. Then, Jagex has been able to maintain the servers and continues to release changes and other events despite it being (at most of the time) far less advanced than the third MMO of the game.

This morning, Jagex continues with its long-term plans for Old School RuneScape. 11 years since its launch The God Wars Dungeon storyline is coming to an end with its final boss included in an expansion this week.

The God Wars Dungeon isn't going anyplace However, it's moving towards its conclusion with introduction at the end of the line: Nex The General. The last enemy in a storyline over an entire decade in the making and bringing her down will not be an easy task for anyone. Teams of players can reach up to 80 at a time, so you definitely won't be able to do it alone.

Nex seems to be an extremely well-liked and popular addition to the game. Every RuneScape update has to get 75 % approval from players before going live, and the General received approval with an overwhelming 90 percent of players deciding to add Nex in.

Anyone with a membership of any level is able to take on the boss, but Jagex would recommend this level: 70 Ranged 70 Strength and 70 Agility. Hitpoints. You'll also need to have completed this Desert Treasure quest osrs buy items, so you'll be granted access to The Frozen Door. The door can be used to gain access to Nex's realm which allows you to test and take on the monster for yourself.