I don't know if this is a popular take on this sub, but if you anticipate playing Madden NFL 23 a lot, and therefore are good enough to be aggressive in WL Mut 23 coins, I'd suggest spending money. So I've been doing this because Madden 18. For every launching of Madden I spend about 200-300 dollars, consider this as an investment less a money sink. This can get u a team which will make getting top 100 in solo conflicts and supreme tier in weekend league easier. Your team will be good for the whole year as you making coin due to your team being considerably better than everyone elses. Oh and of course do all your solos that are worthwhile.

Let's say I chose to invest another 150 bucks between launching and now I am at 450 December. You will sell your coins ALL to a coin site that is selling. If you frequently playedHad decent pack luck, and have been somewhat good at the Madden NFL 23 match, you should have 10+ million coins. Ive marketed all my coins for and done this for decades. So a profit of about 500 bucks every year give or take for playing Madden using the best team for the year lol. Idid not read the bottom of your post and'm dumb as shit my poor. I'll still leave this remark up if it can help anybody else.

Will I Have Enough Time to Play In College?

You may think that is a stupid question, and it probably is (so I'll flair it as shitpost)- I only wanted to chop it up to a number of you school students and see what you believe. This year I am starting college and I will be online this semester. Classes start right when Madden NFL 23 comes out. I am super stoked for it since I have a lot of friends madden 23 coins buy. Just love Ultimate Team, even raging at Weekend League at 18 gives memories to me. Any of you guys played in college before? Was it simple to MUT and balance school?