Jonathan Taylor is just 23 years old. He is widely regarded as the best running back on the field heading into the 2022 NFL season. However, when it comes to Madden 23. I believe that he needs to show some more consistent
Mut 23 coins. He's got to show the same thing over the course of a few years before he dethrones a guy such as Derrick Henry.

In the present, I'm putting named him the best running back in Madden 23 but it's very possible he could supplant Henry as long as he continues demonstrate improvement. While Taylor is playing with his third quarterback in the same number of years, Matt Ryan should offer an obvious improvement over Carson Wentz.

Taylor is enjoying playing alongside one of the top offensive lines that the NFL has. Even with the turnover in the offseason this year Taylor is expected to be in position for another big year.

Taylor began last season with a mediocre general rating of 83 for Madden 22. However, by the end of the season Taylor had increased up to a 92 % overall. He was barely outside the top five of the ratings, but was still at No. six in the Madden game. I believe he will get a noticeable bump in Madden 23 and nearly everybody else ahead of him.

The position of running back is filled with talent, so these next couple of players would practically be equivalent in the rankings. I've picked Nick Chubb as the third-best running back in Madden 23 (although it's understandable if you believe a guy like Dalvin Cook and Christian McCaffrey belongs here) madden 23 coins cheap. Chubb was a rookie in the fall of 2018 and has been a force to be reckoned with. He's among the most consistent rushers in the league reaching the 1.000-yard mark in three of the four seasons he's been a regular.